You re so precious when you smile

Her face is streaked with tears, and her eyes are bloodshot. Her mouth is turned up in a small yet miserable, shaking pout. I want to die. She does give a thankful smile to the bartender, whose name, if Sana reads it correctly, is Nayeon. She knows her smile is wavering, though, and who can blame her? For the same certainty with which she had driven here, she just heard in Mina's soft, soft voice, as she declared her intent. Sana won't let that happen. Naughtyamerica free, personally, thinks that she solely exists to protect Mina, because before Mina and without Mina, she never had and has a purpose.

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Sana is here to serve as the wwe girls nude pics in front of Mina. The shield. And that's what she'll do, if it means protecting Mina from her own self. She fumbles with her keys and takes longer than usual to open the apartment door. Her hands are shaking badly. Yet this is not the paranoia. No, this is something else, Sana is sure of it. She successfully opens the door and pushes Mina into their home, slamming the door behind her.

With a quick glance into the kitchen to check if the alcohol is under lock and key, she wordlessly drags Mina with her to her bedroom, and tucks her into bed with herself. She cradles Mina's shivering, sobbing body, ignoring the stink of alcohol and sweat and smoke and utter sadness. You're okay. Sana wonders what has caused Mina to act this way, and she gets her answer only a second later. And then our wedding cancelled. Mina calms down, and continues, her voice and body still shaking, but not as much as before. I thought she really loved me, and just when we were going to get married, she says she's not Oh, right.

To escape from me.

(you're so precious when you) smile - ryuchaengs - TWICE (Band) [Archive of Our Own]

That's how much I meant to her, how much I mean to her. The funny thing is? I love her and I can't move on from her, and I'll never move on.

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Everything reminds me of her. I see her smile in everyone. She haunts me, Sana, she haunts me! Mina is sound asleep in Sana's arms. Sana stares down at her. She thinks about how she'll never see Mina be happy, not for a while. Chaeyoung implanted her own smile in Mina's mind and took away Mina's smile. Sana wonders if Mina will ever give away her smile, ever again. Or perhaps there is no smile left, because Chaeyoung took it all away. Every single trace of it. Love is something Mina needs now, and Sana's been craving to give it for ten years.

Sana's love is not what Mina needs. Sana's love is what will destroy Mina.

(you're so precious when you) smile

But, surprisingly, Sana has always been giving Mina her own love. Mina may have not been aware of it, but every minute Sana stood beside her, she was receiving endless packages of Sana's love.

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you re so precious when you smile mission accomplished gif While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Mina's gone again. Sana just came home from work, only three minutes ago. She stepped into the apartment, expecting to find Mina either slouched on the sofa, knitting, or holed up in her room, typing away on her laptop. Obviously, she's not doing either of those things, and it reminds Sana of that one day, on a cold February night just like this one, four andrea parker legs ago.
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