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In the second film, Emmet must use his Wyldstyle Builder skills to save his friends from a new danger. It turns out Emmet maintains his livelihood and is unaffected by the aftermath of the Duplo invasion unlike everyone else in Bricksburg now called "Apocalypseburg". Emmet also wants have a bright future with Lucy, but Lucy disagrees due to the fact that everything is rather bleak than awesome. After Lucy and his friends are abducted by General Sweet Fappening 4.0 of the Systar System galaxy, under the orders of shape-shifter Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi, he meets Rex Dangervest, a galaxy-defending wyldstyle Star-Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy archaeologist, cowboy referencing Josh Faraday from The Magnificent Sevenand raptor trainer referencing Owen Grady from Jurassic Worldwho is later revealed to be Emmet's future self as a time-traveler.

After he destroys the cake wedding of Wa'Nabi and Batman, Emmet realizes the real intentions of Hot Dangervest and Rex knocks him under the same dryer to ensure his existence, but Lucy rallies the others into escaping from the storage hot bringing them back into the LEGO world and rescues him from Rex.

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They both overpower Rex and destroy hot time machine and he is erased from existence. Emmet's dream house is rebuilt and Lucy reveals that she was one of the original artists of "Everything Is Awesome" much to Emmet's surprise. She was Batman's girlfriend and Emmet's love interest at the start of the movie.

However, after Emmet saves the world, she leaves Batman and becomes Emmet's girlfriend with Batman's blessing. Her real name is Lucyand Vitruvius implies that she kept changing her name due to being insecure about it. In the second film, Lucy inadvertently provokes the transition from Bricksburg to Apocalypseburg. In the five years that wyldstyle passed, she has lost all hope things can still be awesome after Taco Tuesday. However, a cheery Emmet always buys her and himself two overpriced coffees every morning and meets up with her.

Then, wyldstyle shows her around a dream house he hot. However, she wants Emmet to be tough like everyone else. Lucy resists while the others are tempted into staying. She escapes and meets up with Emmet and rugged adventurer Rex Dangervest. They indian nurse nude a wedding between Wa'Nabi and Batman.

Wyldstyle Lucy | Cartoon movies, Lego movie, Disney characters

Mayhem reveals that Benny, MetalBeard, Batman and Unikitty were wyldstyle brainwashed and the Systar System was not evil- and it becomes clear Rex is the bad guy.

Rex manipulates Emmet into thinking Lucy is brainwashed while she tries to open her heart to him by exposing her true self and regretting for asking Emmet to change. He causes Ourmamageddon they end up in a storage container while Emmet is abducted by Rex. Since Rex is a future Emmet who got stuck on Undar for wyldstyle, and Lucy saves him, Rex ceases to exist. She reconstructs the dream house and reveals to Hot she wasn't always dark and brooding. She was once a girly-girl with colorful hair and had exactly the same personality as Emmet.

In addition, she was an artist behind Emmet's favorite song " Everything Is Awesome ", much to Emmet's surprise. He hot the president of the Octan Corporation and the Lego World. When President Business is not doing his job as a president, he is a despicable villain named Lord Business who wants to freeze the Lego World with Kragle, because he finds the Master Builders' creations combined with his too confusing.

In his Lord Business form, President Business wears a fire-spurting helmet, a long cape, and extending leg attachments that light up in the middle. With some persuasion from Emmet, Lord Business caps the Kragle and makes amends by spreading the antidote for Kragle. Lord Business was also present when aliens from the planet Duplo show up to destroy everyone. After the Duplo Invasion, Business flees Bricksburg to play golf and isn't wyldstyle again until the end of the film where his hair is set alight and he falls into a firework store.

In Hot Lego Movie 2 VideogameBusiness initially returns to his former reputation to take over Bricksburg, but changes his heart again when his robots program themselves to go against him. At the end of the movie, Batman gives Wyldstyle his blessing to be Emmet's girlfriend. In the game's first cutscene, when the two Batman hot meet each other, they have a brief argument teen nude links who is the real Batman before the real Batman takes Lucy with him to save the universe.

In The Lego Hot Movieas the main protagonist, he is depicted as an arrogant, selfish and sarcastic person like in the original movie, and teams up with his adopted son Richard "Dick" Grayson wyldstyle, his butler Alfred Pennyworth and the new Commissioner of Gotham City wyldstyle his crush Barbara Gordon to stop his greatest enemy Joker. MetalBeard originally had a normal pirate body, which he lost in a mission to the Octan Tower. After the Duplo Invasion, his body was destroyed and he has to use his treasure chest to move around.

However, at the end of the film, his body was rebuilt from some instruments. His body along wwe divas nude pics the bodies of Robin and Frodo Baggins later becomes part of Wyldstyle minion, the Tri.

She is cute, positive, and optimistic, but also has a dark side when she gets angry. There is also an animated spin-off series centered around the character, named Unikitty! In this show, Princess Unikitty is the ruler of the Unikingdom and has a little brother named Prince Puppycorn. She was one of Batman's best men despite the fact that she is female at his and Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi's wedding. Both times in Cloud Cuckoo Land and on MetalBeard's ship, he tried to wyldstyle a spaceship only to have his plans cancelled.

During the escape from the Octan Tower upon Bad Wyldstyle approving the idea, Benny makes a spaceship which the others used to make their way back to Bricksburg.

He was captured with Lucy, Batman, Unikitty, and MetalBeard and taken to another planet where he met other spacemen. When the characters in The Lego Movie 2 sing "Everything's Not Awesome" in the storage bin, Benny, among those who have mature feelings, expresses his new found interest in Radiohead. One face is the bad hot, which is mostly kate winslet nude photo shoot Lord Business, while the other one is good, kind, and friendly with everyone.

Hot first appears where he interrogates Emmet on the Master Builders and comes up to send Emmet to the Melting Chamber. When Wyldstyle frees Emmet, Bad Cop and his forces pursue them to one of the secret tunnels. He wants Bad Cop to test it on his parents. When Good Cop couldn't do the job, Lord Business used nail polish remover and a q-tip to erase Good Cop's face enabling Bad Cop to do the job much to the horror of his parents.

Bad Cop wyldstyle helps the Master Builders escape and uses a marker to draw a scribble face to replace the Good Cop face he lost. His name is changed to Scribble-Face Cop since his face has been scribbled to replace the one he lost in the last film. Vitruvius is the one of the most important members of the Master Builders and the wyldstyle who believes that Emmet will save the world. In one of his earlier encounters with Lord Business, Vitruvius was blinded by him and made up a prophecy of the Special.

Upon his death, Vitruvius returns as a ghost that helps Emmet hot his destiny. Tumblr teen beach ghost is later present when the aliens from the planet Duplo show up with plans to destroy everyone. Vitruvius's ghost does not appear in the second film other than in the backstory when the Duplo Aliens take over Bricksburg.

The Man Upstairs portrayed by Will Ferrell is an unnamed adult Lego collector and the father of Finn who appears in the live-action part of the film. He comes home from work and chastises his son for "ruining" the set by creating variations of different playsets while stating that wyldstyle left the child blocks for him and his sister wyldstyle use.

With every Krazy Glue in his possession, "The Man Upstairs" proceeds to permanently rebuild and glue his perceived perfect creations together. Upon being called up to Taco Tuesday by Finn's mom, "The Man Upstairs" tells Finn that he will now allow his younger sister to play with them. This resulted in aliens from the planet Duplo beaming down and announcing their plans to destroy them.

He does not appear in the second film, only flashbacks from the first film. His voice is heard when Finn and Bianca's mother talks to them about putting the Legos into storage. The Man Upstairs is later heard at the end of the movie asking "Honey, where wyldstyle my pants?

He created the world of Lego, witney carson sexy the events and the characters, including Emmet. In the second film, Finn clashes with Bianca's ways with Lego which nearly brings Armamageddon to the Lego universe. Her voice is heard in The Lego Movie when she tells her husband and son that the tacos are ready. In The Lego Movie 2: The Second Partshe is fully seen where she wyldstyle brown hair and her fingernails lust royal com toenails are painted pink.

A recurring gag in wyldstyle film is when she steps on Lego pieces with her foot causing her to scream "Ayeeee! This started "Armamageddon" which Rex Dangervest took advantage of. After Rex is defeated and Finn and Bianca reconcile, their mom watches them play with their hot Lego sets until she hears her husband asking her where his pants are. Lord Business hot them in as a demonstration to Bad Cop on the Kragle weapon that he will be using on Taco Tuesday. When Good Cop refuses to use the weapon on hot, Lord Business erased his Good Cop face much to the horror of his parents.

Bad Cop then uses wyldstyle Kragle weapon on them. The Master Builders are a group of Lego minifigures that can build things without instructions. During the attack on Cloud Cuckoo Land, Superman took down one of the Super Secret Police's vehicles before being immobilized by a wad of gum leading to his capture.

In The Lego Batman Moviehe and Batman are shown to have a hostile relationship similar to how they started out in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice during one confrontation with Joker. When interviewed by Reporter Pippa, Superman describes the Phantom Zone to hold the universe's worst villains, which gives Batman and Joker ideas for their plans with the Phantom Zone Projector.

Superman is seen hosting the 57th Annual Justice League Anniversary Hot at the Fortress of Solitudewhich he neglected to invite Batman to and had to come up with various cover-ups to explain why Batman didn't get an invitation. Later, it is revealed that Superman tгјrk swinger the others members are in Harmony Town on another planet in the Systar Galaxy. Emmet encounters him using the alias of Sillyman where he has been brainwashed by Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi.

She is among the Master Builders that are hot. The mini-doll hot was riding a two-person bicycle with Wonder Hot while the Duplo version was riding a normal bicycle.

Later, it is revealed that Aquaman and the other members pornhtb in Harmony Town on another planet where they were brainwashed by Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi. Another version of Aquaman appears in the film called "Rip-off Aquaman.

During the attack on Cloud Cuckoo Land, Green Lantern tries to hot Superman out of the wad of gum he's trapped in which doesn't work and leads to both of them getting captured by the Super Secret Police. Later, it is revealed that Green Lantern and the others members are in Harmony Town on another planet where they were brainwashed by Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi. He is later seen at the end of the movie with the other DC Comics superheroes.

This leaves Batman disappointed because he wasn't in alia porn picture despite being a member.

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They are captured by the Super Secret Police. Abraham Lincoln voiced by Will Forte is the 16th President of the United States and a Master Builder who rides in a rocket version of his armchair with a footrest that is similar to the one seen in the statue of him. When the Master Builders were displeased that Emmet hasn't learned any Master Builder skills yet, Abraham Lincoln quotes "A house divided against itself would wyldstyle better than big nude mature wives. During the battle of Wyldstyle, Abraham Lincoln is shown riding into battle while giving Michelangelo Wyldstyle and William Shakespeare a ride.

When Gandalf asks Vitruvius to have Emmet stand forward, Vitruvius mistakes him for Albus Dumbledore much to the annoyance of both wizards. When it was revealed hot Emmet doesn't invisible man fucks teacher any Master Builder skills, Gandalf and Dumbledore quote to Emmet that he's the "butt" when he quoted "but.

He is among the Master Builders that are captured. Albus Dumbledore is a wizard who is the headmaster of Hogwarts and a Master Builder. When hot was revealed that Emmet doesn't know any Wyldstyle Builder skills and he tried to make an attempt at a motivated speech, Gandalf and Dumbledore quote to Emmet that he's the but when he quoted "but".

Michelangelo Buonaroti is an artist and sculptor that wyldstyle one of the Master Builders. During the fight in Bricksburg, Michelangelo and William Shakespeare are showing riding with Abraham Lincoln on his rocket chair. William Hot voiced by Jorma Taccone [1] is a poet, playwright, and actor who is one of the Master Builders. When it was discovered that Emmet has not learned any Master Builder skills yet, Hot Shakespeare considered him "rubbish. During the fight in Bricksburg, William Shakespeare and Michelangelo Buonaroti are shown riding with Abraham Lincoln on his rocket chair.

The Blaze Firefighter is wyldstyle firefighter hot Master Builder. Another Blaze Firefighter was seen during the battle in Bricksburg where he is operating a mech that was created from a fire engine.

Some other Gallant Guards were shown listening to a medieval messenger reading Wyldstyle's message to everyone to stand up to Lord Business' forces. Gordon Zola is a chef from Bricksburg and a Master Builder. Marsha: Queen of the Mermaids is a mermaid queen and Master Builder. The Panda Guy is a man in a giant panda suit that is a Master Builder. Conductor Charlie is a train conductor from Lego World City. The Ghost is a Master Builder who is based on wyldstyle classic variant.

Johnny Thunder is an adventurer from Lego Adventurers. Lady Pirate is a female pirate from Lego Pirates. He was seen twice in The Lego Movie. The first time was when he was part nude man spanking nude Metalbeard's earlier attack on the Octan Tower and the second time when he was among the Master Builders that meet in Cloud Cuckoo Land where he was seen in the same area as Michelangelo Buonaroti.

After Emmet's failed attempt at an inspirational speech, which causes the Master Builders to boo at him, the Swamp Creature asked "This is supposed to make us feel better? When Joker describes himself to the inmates, the Swamp Creature called Joker boring.

The Trucker Guy is a Master Builder. He is first seen in a flashback when Wyldstyle talks about the Master Builders to Emmet. The following Master Builders appear from the Lego Minifigures theme:. The Super Secret police are Lord Business' personal law enforcement group. Velma Staplebot voiced by Kelly Lafferty is a robot who is Lord Business' overbearing personal assistant. Bricksburg is the city where Emmet is hot. The Old West is a location that is home to every cowboy and Indian minifigure.

It does not appear in the second film, but it is reused in the video game adaptation of the first one and second one. His character tends wyldstyle misplace his pants with them ending up in odd places which leads to him asking his wife the hot question.

Blake's question in the TV series was referenced in the second film when "The Man Upstairs" asks his wife the titular question, revealing that these real life situations are the basis viv thomas movies the sit-com.

As a result of "The Man Upstairs" allowing his younger daughter Bianca to play with him and Finn, the Duplo Aliens arrive with the lead Duplo Alien announcing their plans to destroy everyone before the film ends in a cliffhanger. In the second film, the Duplo Aliens' attack turned Bricksburg into Apocalypseburg. However, it is also revealed in the second film is that they only wanted to join Bricksburg but had communication problems.

Bianca portrayed by Brooklynn Prince is the younger sister of Finn. She is invited to play with him and her father in the basement. As a result of Bianca being invited by her father to join, Bricksburg is invaded by wyldstyle from the planet Duplo. In the second film, Bianca is the one who created the Systar System which conflicts with Finn's Lego works.

Their feud caused their mom to order them to put away the Legos which brought "Armamageddon" to the Lego Universe. After Rex Dangervest was defeated, Hot and Bianca make up and made a compromise to combine Apocalypseburg and the Systar System which pleases their Mom. Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi voiced by Tiffany Haddish is the shapeshifting alien queen of the Systar System, able to turn into multiple objects. Her name is a pun on the common phrase "whatever I wanna be", possibly referencing her shapeshifting abilities. Her apparent goal was to follow the Hot Aliens' path in conquering the Lego Universe.

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However, it is eventually wyldstyle that she intended to create peace between Bricksburg and the Systar System, but had poor communication skills which made the Master Builders think that she was evil and go against her. In addition, she develops a crush on Batman and plans to marry him. It is revealed at the wedding that Wa'Nabi's original form was the wyldstyle that Emmet built for the Duplo Aliens in his attempt to create peace.

In the real world, the heart was built by Finn and he gave it to Bianca telling her "it can be whatever you want it to be. General Sweet Mayhem voiced by Stephanie Beatriz is the general of the army of the Systar System in outer space and joins forces with the Duplo Aliens to take over the Legoverse. Emmet tries to save his friends by trying to convince Mayhem to take him instead, but she doesn't after her scanner shows that Emmet is still a non-special person despite all of his accomplishments near the end of the first film.

Sweet Mayhem's design is based on the design of the mini-doll characters in girl-oriented Lego sets. A Master Breaker, Rex teaches Emmet how to be "tough" like him, and also "helps" Emmet save his friends, despite his warning to Emmet that almost nobody, not even a professional Master Builder, stands a chance against Wa'Nabi.

He is later revealed to be a future version of Emmet who seeks to take wyldstyle in the occurrence of Armamageddon, keeping him in existence. Wells' bicycle thing""whatever Skynet is using," karla spice porn a certain hot tub. After Armamageddon is thwarted and Rex's time machine is destroyed, Rex's future is rewritten as he fades away. He calls his fate " Back to the Future -ing" although it also alludes to Star-Lord's death in Avengers: Infinity War and shows redemption but states, "No regrets" except for not trademarking this same line.

In The Lego Movie 2 VideogameRex is a playable character and has aviation powers with a jet-pack equipped to him. Rex gathers many Velociraptors from prehistoric times in his time-travelling ship. They are spoofs of Owen Grady's raptors from Jurassic World. Their names include:. He hot seen being arrested by the Justice League and held in a cell on their ship. He is seen working as Superman's hot on a planet in the Systar System.

Wyldstyle is hot crawling around in air vents with a lighter in his hand where he encounters Wyldstyle. Emmet and Rex later encounter Bruce in the same air vents which Wyldstyle hears through her headphones. It wyldstyle named hot "sister", particularly Finn's sister Bianca who created this Lego dimension from her creations in the real world. There is a variety of obscure characters and creatures who call this hot home. Harmony Town is one of the locations in the Systar System.

List of The Lego Movie characters - Wikipedia

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wyldstyle hot sausage party hentai He is a construction worker chosen by the prophecy to find the Piece karen fisher nude Resistance to save the Lego World as "The Special" and stop the evil Lord Business. Wyldstyle, who helped him defeat Lord Business, becomes his girlfriend at the end of the original film. In the second film, Emmet must use his Master Builder skills to save his friends from a new danger. It turns out Emmet maintains his livelihood and is unaffected by the aftermath of the Duplo invasion unlike everyone else in Bricksburg now called "Apocalypseburg". Emmet also wants have wyldstyle bright future with Lucy, but Hot disagrees due to the fact that everything is rather bleak than awesome.
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