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We got to his room and he bent me over his dresser and fucked me in front of his mirror.

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Then he led me to his bed and removed my dress. He went down on me again. Count two. We fucked until 2am… he came 4 times… I lost count of mine.

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It felt so good. I loved the way he said fuck whenever it felt too good. I showed him what head was like with a tongue ring… the word fuck was said multiple times. Ah… he licked my pussy and my ass like a fucking champ. He loves my ass… and I love that he does. He walked me to my car. Yesterday he invited me over for lunch before work. We made it back to his room and damn. Felt so good when he filled me.

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We got semi dressed and ate lunch. It was so good. Then he held me and we talked about stupid shit and laughed a ton. He walked me out again… this time he was fully dressed to go back to work : never knew a soldier could look that good. Like a fucking man… all man.

After work I met him workout a bar for his friends birthday. At one point we were just about fuckin on the bar stool… it drove me crazy. I went to the bathroom and took my panties off to push him to a little more. We hung out some more, drinking more than we shouldve. He ran his hands up my thigh and sex me where my panties went.

I could see it on his face. So we walked to my car … almost started it out there but with so many cops around we knew we needed to xxx south indian aunty sex back to his place. Followed him there and. I lost track of time. He rolled over and started kissing me. A shower was needed, he filled the bathtub and had us sit in there. Then we stood for a shower and he scrubbed my body. He washed tumblr bit of me. We got out… he bent me over his bed and we fucked once more before I had to go.

We stood at my car again, so hard to leave.

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Here I am… laying in bed replaying it all in my head. Bruises, tumblr he left me sore. And it was just lovely. If so then message me we can go over the details workout rules. Finally getting my back issues dealt with. Women are meant to be whores so are men. We were not supposed to stay with one person.

We sloppy anal porn made to breed many times with many different people. Message me with your goals current weight what your diet and exercise are like at this moment.

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workout sex tumblr moriah mills real estate We met and hit it off …. I loved that I could make him laugh. His smile is incredibly sexy. He saw it on my face… I wanted more. He called me on it too. Which I kinda liked haha. His attention to detail was very sexy.
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