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Where does that escalated quickly come from?

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Warhammer For the emperor. The phrase often appears in memes and GIFs. This macro is usually placed next to an outrageous text chain or a ridiculous set of images that feature a situation escalating suddenly.

Improved "Boy That Escalated Quickly" GIF [OC] - GIF on Imgur

Still, that escalated quickly is also used outside the context of memes and GIFs. People use it as a standalone text phrase in the same context of the image, with the understanding that the reader will get the reference. As standalone text, that escalated quickly can often be found as a title of an article that details a situation that quickly got out of hand. Menu Dictionary.

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well that escalated quickly gif tana lea anal I mean, that really got out of hand fast. His nonchalant tone makes it seem like no big deal, which is what makes the scene funny. In August ofthe phrase suddenly became a tremendously popular Google search. One could say it escalated quickly. The macro was used regularly on Reddit, Tumblr, and FunnyJunk.
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