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The title text refers to Rule 34 see Rule 34an internet meme which states "If it exists, there is porn of it. No exceptions.

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It features extreme close-ups of everyday phenomena in the common house, but as seen from a microscopic perspective. You would, however, probably be able to see the individual sperm cells. Randall may have done this check himself - and now chooses to warn others not to make the same mistake.

Thus, the title: Never Do This. He later gives the same type of advice against using a UV lamp in the bathroom through this comic: UV. Given his likely negative feelings towards Valentine's Dayas seen in the most of his Valentines comics premium bukake, it may not be a coincidence he send this gross comic out on February He did not draw any Valentines related comic this year as he for instance did the two years before and the year after.

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The current explanation states "A "Rule 34" version of this might feature microscopic views of other bodily areas or fluids than fingernails. So by saying "I call Rule 34 on The Secret House," he is either challenging someone to prove that Rule 34 applies to something so disgusting, or he is questioning the validity of Rule 34 altogether. I improved the Rule 34 explanation and tried to do better overall. Note that I am not convinced the third paragraph even belongs there about Buddah and everything but I worked on that one too.

Rule Explain xkcd: It's 'cause you're dumb.

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Jump to: navigationsearch. Explanation [ edit ] Cueball shows his new pocket microscope to Megan. Transcript [ edit ] [Cueball walks toward Megan holding a pocket microscope. Megan: Ooh!

Let's look at stuff! Megan: This quarter is really scratched. Naruto 44? Naruto Uzumaki 41?

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DC 25? Muslim 24? Dungeons and Dragons 16? Forgotten Realms 16? Kushina Uzumaki 15?

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the pit rule34 erica boyer nude Cueball shows his new pocket microscope to Megan. With the curiosity of scientists, they quickly decide to use the microscope to look at a number rule34 different things. But after they use the microscope to inspect what is under their fingernails, they both sink into a catatonic state. Our fingers are how we interact with the world, and all manner of things get trapped under our fingernails; different kinds of the, fungus, spores, fragments of insects, insect droppings and so on. Such things that obviously look pretty horrific when magnified a few hundred times. Cueball and Megan never suspected what they would find, and seem unable to process or deal with the horror they have uncovered. The title text refers to Rule 34 see Rule 34an internet meme which states "If it exists, there pit porn of it.
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