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Is that correct??? Im looking for a scope for my slug gun and was lookinig for a x Thanks scott.

View Public Profile. Send a private message to shooter Find More Posts by shooter RE: Bushnell, Simmons or Redhead bass pro shop brand. What is your budget? A steal of a deal on a nice scope. I've no idea who makes the Redhead scopes.

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Sometimes companies like that will bid out the building of scopes, could be Philipines or Chinese. Send a private message to timbercruiser. Find More Posts by timbercruiser. You may wish to consider something other than a not sure why you would ever need 9X for a short range weapon. Anyway, I'd look at a fixed power 4X or similar. There are many in your price range. Good luck. Send a private message to bugsNbows.

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Find More Posts by bugsNbows. Send a private message to SWThomas. I wouldn't touch the store brand Redhead scope. I don't know who makes it and in this turbulent economy who would you return it to for service if Redhead goes out of business? I don't think much of Simmons, which is actually made scopes Meade. My father made the mistake of buying one, a "whitetail classic" or somethinglike that,to put on a 7mm we redhead up for the kids and that scope was dark had the worst eye relief I have ever seen on a hunting scope.

Most of their stuff is junk in my opinion. Bushnell - now you are talking. I think the trophy and legend represent decent entry level scopes and the elite series is really good.

The is one of the very best scopes you can get at that price point and the is only slightly behind it. I have a Elite in 4X12 on my. The raingard feature really works by the way - you can intentially fog the ocular scopes with your breath and still see well enough to shoot. Also I would suggest looking at used scopes on eBay. Send a private message to mouthcaller.

Find More Posts by mouthcaller. It's a regular rifle scope instead of special slug scope BUT will have plenty of eye relief and will hold up under slug gun recoil. I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with this scopes. Merry Christmas. I redhead one 3x9 40mm for my Rem 12 gauge with rifled slug barrel. I expected to use it for one, maybe two seasons. It's a tough scope too, embarrassing as it is, I dropped it from my 12ft tree stand last year. When I checked the zero, it was still dead on!

For deer size game out to yrds it is clear and has been a good scope for me. Never thought I would have it on the gun for five seasons.

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I was told they are made by Bushnell. Scopes to work just fine for me. Clear glass and the adjustments seem to be dead on. But if you redhead a fish by his ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life thinking its stupid. Ain't that right Winny.

A X on a shotgun seems like giving up a lot of FOV for power you will never need? Originally Posted By: Buckstuffer. Previous Topic Index Next Topic.

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redhead scopes peliculas porno mexicanas Predator Masters. I recently bought a Redhead x40 from what we call the "Bent-Can Store". They buy a lot of returned merchandise from Bass-Pro, K-Mart, etc. It looks good, so I decided to try it. No ring marks, so I don't think it has ever been mounted.
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