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Screenshots iPhone iPad. Description Get Monochrome for Reddit to browse the latest viral content of the internet. Dec 7, Version 4. Subscriptions See All. Monochrome Pro.

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Dark interface, swipe to collapse, and more! In-App Purchases See All. Information Seller Falcon Assets, Inc. Size Category News. Compatibility Requires iOS Languages English. Unrestricted Web Access. Price Free. Family Sharing With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app. Wormhole for reddit. Redditor - the perfect client.

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Beam for reddit. These are what you might expect: no child pornography, no harassment, no spam, no soliciting services, the whole shebang. In Slowe's words, these are the "set of things that a user flags automatically and percolate up to us. Think of it like how a government is set up in layers. The human side is important to Reddit, says Slowe.

How Will Tech Change Moderation?

It's better than "leaving it up to some black box machine learning. PTSD is a real thing for people doing this kind of stressful work. Other than that, it's the Wild West out there in the videos.

So in come the volunteer community watch-guard and their panopticon of moderation. Animal Slowe terms, this is tier two of that government analogy. Volunteer subreddit moderators set rules and how to enforce them with near complete freedom, so long as they're following kira kener dildo community guidelines Reddit has established overhead.

College profs, beware lecturing here. Interestingly, when moderators don't hold up their social contract with Reddit users, those in the subreddit actually push back, Slowe says.

They may push out a moderator, create new rules or split the subreddit population into two separate channels with slightly different topics. It can be messy, he says, but that's the nature of people. That's different from reporting content that you reddit want to see, which is more common on sites like Facebook. Keeping reddit up on Reddit, but allowing it to be downvoted, is also democratic in nature, Slowe argues. Because otherwise, if there are only "positives" in a given subreddit, users will animal themselves deep inside an echo chamber.

The numbers don't lie. Videos reports that over the last decade, Reddit has seen a ratio of seven upvotes to each downvotes, on average, across the site.

"Think of It Like a Funnel."

Well, what's not broken with the system? The thing is, community standards and videos are, more often than not, made up animal the fly, according to sources in the report. It was a half-baked approach, Bowden recalled, and the decisions she and her small team, plus dozens more at other social media companies, made continue to shape content moderation as we understand it today.

Then there's the problem of content moderation farms in far-flung countries, where rich tech moguls don't animal the contractors at all.

They face extreme stress, sometimes reddit the point of developing PTSD, and many workers become depressed. So is it a people problem? Well, if content moderation videos fully done by artificially intelligent systems, the algorithms are still trained by people and have bias, by definition. There's a famous example of a Google algorithm that detected African Americans as gorillas, and videos only one of many times that AI hasn't panned out so well. Besides, do we really want computers alone to tell us what to do?

You can almost imagine HAL as a content moderator, watching over your shoulder as you type animal up and look to the disembodied voice for permission to post. Still, new technology is inevitably ashley lamb porn to be part of the evolution of content moderation. We've already seen that in the nearly 15 years that Reddit has existed. Combining humans and software equitably is the key, says Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian.

Though he no longer works for Reddit, Ohanian did come back to the company in after a hiatus to help out as executive chairman.

He said that the company's use of people, artificial intelligence, and machine learning is the magic behind Reddit's unique philosophy toward content moderation.

That tech is making content moderation much easier and efficient, Ohanian said. Slowe concurs. He says the bots in Reddit's ecosystem are one of the site's greatest assets. And they're usually all built by users themselves, not the company.

There's a bot that keeps track of how many users reply to a bot's comments with "good bot" reddit "bad bot" to keep a tally of the most and least useful programs.

There's a TLDR bot that summarizes comments. There are bots that resize GIFs for phones. It's all really creative, Slowe says, but if they bots are reddit, Reddit gets rid of 'em. When it comes to machine learning, Reddit lets the software do the work when there's a gray area for an admin or moderator.

Plus, there's just not enough manpower to physically check every comment. Slowe says there are about 1 million active monthly users for each employee at Reddit. Still, he says the beauty of Reddit lies in letting people be people.


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