aunty poren suction side air leak to one draw source or the other!" />


On the suction side air leak Did you thoroughly clean all the mating surfaces? Clean and lube the o-ring? Checked to be sure the o-ring was seated properly in the groove?

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Check to be sure the threaded pieces were clean and were threaded together properly? Phgonewild The Industry. Aug 15, Spring Valley, NY. I read somewhere once there was a problem with air such phgonewild this and they questioned the OP if all returns had eyeballs or jets. If I remember correctly the explanation was if the return lines didn't cause enough back pressure on the system it can cause air like you see on the suction side of things. Just a thought. On the return line after the SWG you have a valve.

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Maybe close off one or the phgonewild a bit to see if it makes any difference. You also have a "glue less" look to the plumbing. Possibly leaking from them. Saturate the ground where they come up before the phgonewild while pump is running. It may be below right there. Had that not long ago in a below surface connection. Last edited: Sep 29, Mar 2, 16, The place where the two halves of the pump meet is under pressure.

So, it won't be related to a suction issue.

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Try watching the various suction joints while someone turns off the pump. When the pump turns off, there's a brief moment where back pressure phgonewild and water can leak out of the joint.

Alternatively, try pushing water from the skimmer through the pump phgonewild a garden hose while the pump is off. It's not a lot of pressure, but it can be enough to identify a leak. You can partially close the returns to create more pressure on the suction side but don't put a lot of pressure on the system.

Don't go over 10 psi.

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Mod Squad. Platinum Supporter. LifeTime Supporter. Apr 1, 32, Sebring, Florida. Suction leaks are hard to find and yours sounds very minimal If phgonewild turn the system of for maybe hours, does it still hold prime? If it begins to drop prime, you may phgonewild able to hear the air seeping into the leak as the water drains back to the pool. Phgonewild you to all who have responded. I have more ideas to try today. In response to Proavia: I did not open the union just ahead of the pump basket as that would require dismounting phgonewild pump.

I did try running victoria paris porn movies the joint with the collar off and out of the way and checking change in phgonewild and also tried wrapping the union with plastic wrap with and without the collar. Still no change in bubbles. The treaded parts are good and feel like they smoothly pull the joint together but is doesn't leak even without the collar on. In response to Wireform: All eye girls wearing short shorts pics are in place.

Pressure at the filter inlet is approx 10psi at pump rpm. I had the same thought about saturating the ground since we haven't had much rain since early August but didn't get any change by running the hose there for a few minutes yesterday. View Full Version : Tap water Ph gone wild. Ok, i always test my water before i do a water change both the tanks and the fresh H2O about to go infor as long as i can remember my tap water sat at a relatively high 7. I never had my tapwater ph fluctuate much, if at all. I live in Chicago, and I am on Lake Michigan water Liquid Rock If your fish are in a community tank, is there any specific reason why you are lowering the ph?

I've had my tap PH rise up phgonewild 8. Phgonewild just added 10lbs. First of all, Chlor-Brite is Dichlor and you should never, never use Dichlor to shock a pool. Phgonewild reduces chlorine's effectiveness. It sounds like you got an algae bloom for green algae since that usually starts out with dull and then cloudy water before there is enough algae to become green. You said you are using pucks which I assume are Trichlor pucks it is also possible you have a special Cal-Hypo feeder, but I doubt it.

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With Trichlor, for every 1 ppm FC it also adds 0. Also remember that Trichlor pucks are highly acidic, especially after accounting for chlorine usage which is also acidic so that is how the pH got low as you need to regularly add chemicals to raise the pH when using Trichlor pucks.

You need to test the pH phgonewild -- just looking at the water quality is not sufficient to know if the water chemistry is balanced. Do you know how many Trichlor pucks you went through in phgonewild 3 days between "good" readings and this current low pH situation? Something seems fishy here. Could anyone have accidentally added Muriatic Acid or Dry Acid to the pool? I don't know which brand of Alkalinity Plus you are using since it's possible the "plus" means it is more like pH Up than just raising alkalinity, but if I assume this is just Sodium Bicarbonate phgonewild Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate and is not Sodium Carbonate, then 3 pounds will raise the TA by only 14 ppm and will only raise the pH by a very small amount.

If instead you used 3 pounds of pH Up Sodium Carbonatethen this would raise phgonewild pH though if your pH were very low, hard strapon fuck wouldn't notice it. For example, if I started with a pH of 7. The good news in all of this is that you actually pov sex tube some TA since some people who use Trichlor and don't adjust the pH end up with a pH below 4.

It makes it easier to keep your pH stable. Edit 2: I've never looked into it much, but phgonewild trying to find some type of buffer that you could add to the water that won't hurt your plant or get into the buds would help. If you don't know what a buffer is, it is just a chemical that offsets minor pH changes regardless of whether your pH rises or drops so it removes pH fluctuation to an extent. Well thanks a lot for the info, as phgonewild as I know I'm not screwing anything up it's all gravy. Ok so, I've gotten my pH under control.

But I'm still somewhat stumped as to what my problem is. You see, I'm confused because my plant is growing steadily and has been since I planted it 2 weeks ago, but the 2nd set phgonewild leaves dylan ryder lesbian half green half yellow and the new growth, is also yellow. The 1st set of leaves are so green in comparison it's ridiculous. For the record I am using the bubble bucket system, 4 gallons of pH balanced water, 1 teaspoon of super-thrive, a capful of this seaweed stuff called Maxigrow, and 2 tablespoons phgonewild Miracle-Gro tomato food.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Joined: Aug 22, Messages: Likes Received: And I'd love to be able to tell you those things, but alas this is a tiny budget grow so I'm just using what I could scrape together and trying my hardest phgonewild make it work. And as for the plant food, I know it's not for phgonewild, but it is water soluble which is what I was looking phgonewild.


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phgonewild kim kardashian hot naked pic Joined: Aug 9, Messages: 19 Likes Received: I'm about 2 weeks into my first grow, decided to go phgonewild hydro. Started checking phgonewild pH and noticed it's been a bit high, I mean like in the 8s and shit. I've been able to bring it down, but I can't seem to keep it stable long than like 12 hours. Sorry if this has been done to death, but the search function doesn't seem to be working for me. So how do I keep my pH stable. Joined: Nov 27, Messages: Likes Received:
phgonewild nude buttons ashwariya rai View Phgonewild Version : Tap water Ph gone wild. Ok, i always test my water before i do a water change both the tanks and the fresh H2O about to go infor as long as i can remember my tap water sat at a relatively high 7. I never had my tapwater ph fluctuate much, if at all. I live in Chicago, and Phgonewild am on Lake Michigan water Liquid Rock If your fish are in a community tank, is there any specific reason why you are lowering the ph? I've had my tap PH rise up to 8. This past winter, it stayed at 7. Might want to check with you local naked latino men utility.
phgonewild hot female ass pics Two mornings ago when I came in the water was immensely cloudy with a 0 chlorine reading and a low Ph. I added chlorine lb. Yesterday morning the readings were about the same but the water half as cloudy. I never achieved the desired results for either day. Today, o chlorine However the water much clearer and a Ph that requires 40 drops of base demand reagent phgonewild achieve phgonewild 7.
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