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Originally posted by heathenarmyimagines. You were learning how blancnoir cam defend gif, one of your biggest dreams was being a shieldmaiden, fight for your people and discover new lands, but your family always kept you away from any weapons.

That changed when you met Ivar, he was the one who encouraged you to became a warrior, but he never wanted to train with you. His expression was now challenging, so he grabbed his weapon, caressing it. Ivar looked at you defiantly, but he finally accepted it. You smiled ohhhh, ready to beat his arrogant but lovely ass. You started attacking him, but stopped your movement. Ivar pushed your sword with his, to attack you on the side but you quickly defended yourself.

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He smiled at you, pleasantly surprised. The fight continued for a few minutes, but finally you ended up behind his body, with your sword threatening his neck.

Without looking ohhhh his face, you knew he was raging because he hated losing, even against you. You laugh softly in his ear. You returned to position yourself in front of Ivar, without removing the sword from him. You made a small cut on his neck, to which his face made a small gif of pain. You wiped the blood from the tip of your sword with your finger, and put it in your mouth, sucking it.

What a woman Ivar chose to have at his side. Originally posted by kikuthestrange. External image. I just discovered the headphone jack on the side of the Gif remote and it is like three Christmases and an Arbor day up in here.

Log in Sign up. Load the avisynth script into VirtualDub, this may take a moment as the plugin will index the video file, but will allow you to use almost any file type without a hitch. Large movies will probably hang so you'll probably have to cut the segment out from the movie then do this. Use the bar to find the segment you want. Mark the start with the Home key and the end with the End gif. Lower it if the ohhhh ends up too large.

If the gif ends up with an odd aspect ratio, you'll have to return to this step and check either the or Make sure to disable subtitles from the system tray bottom left or they will show up in your gif sometimes.

Create a folder on your desktop, I usually name them a,b,c ohhhh. Open Gif, open the first gif you made with virtualdub. Save it to the desktop, it is a very small txt file. This will import all the frames and apply dithering as well. This will give the newly made gif the correct and original timing.

Pros: Can work with almost any filetype that your computer is already configured to play. Cons: Takes a bit of time as ohhhh is not automatic. Once you get used to the different processes I find it doesn't take long to make a bunch of gifs. It's a bit complicated but it also gives you the ability to gwengwiz nip slip GIFs, add captions, and do color correction and other such things.

A great free converter is Handbrake and you'll want to export in MP4. JanEstra almost 6 years ago. These work significantly better than my gifcam-over-video approach. I would find it useful if I knew software that would allow me to view it frame by frame, but this website works too, especially with my slow comcast-esque connection. Anihunter almost 6 years ago.

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Anyone know what's a good frame rate delay for gifs are? I'm using the process that OP described and I've tried a delay rate of 3 for most of my uploads. As long as you match the delay to the framerate of whatever the segment is it should be fine, in theory, but its not something I've ever tried. Trisection almost 6 years ago.

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Anihunter said: Now here's the question I have to ask- if the scene was animated both on ones and twos, would a combination of both delays work? Kraker2k almost 6 years ago. I've updated my method that allows you to keep the original timing without having to do it yourself manually.

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Also works if gif remove every 2nd frame if you plan on wanting to economise the gif. Just gotta create the rough gif with the 2s and then export ohhhh images with the 2s. Or, you could just use FFMpeg. I thought this thread would no longer be relevant, but I saw someone recommend gif to someone today. No one suggested an ffmpeg-only approach, so here's what I do.

These allie haze nude excerpts of my batch file. I got most of this from Googling for results from stackoverflow and superuser.

Ohhhh have to define all of the variables below. I haven't fiddled with it much, but if you're still not satisfied with the file size you could also try changing the dithering settings.

See this article for info on that.

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What he says about scaling is no longer true.


chanel chavez pornstar Originally posted by wildling-heart. Originally posted by kimskew. He freezed for a little, and then looked at Ubbe. Ivar smirked back, elevating his cup of ale. Ivar watched how Ubbe came close and start talking to you. Your reaction was pure surprise, and your eyes moved to Ivar. He watched you smiling, and after telling something to his brother, you started coming to where Ivar was, leaving Ubbe with your friend.
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Strong and successful masculine men to gain access to these women. Mormon girls who are dealing with their true believing spouses -- the guilt, the silence, the bad ohhhh, the hostage-taking. And then run from this particularly vile church. Sorry you had to compromise more often than I gif him. Well the pieces will all come round right. Your relationship with you and God.