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Not convinced that shot glasses are the coolest things since sliced bread? We aren't done yet. Here are a few more reasons why you should add these glasses to your drinkware collection. Do we need to keep explaining to you why 2 oz. What are you waiting for? Add some shooters to your glassware collection. Come on Just give it a shot!

NUDE Glass: Designer handmade crystalline glassware

There's that pun again Clear All Filter Items. By Size. By Price. By Color. Black and white. By Ratings. Clear All. Filter Sort Clear Selections. Heavily Medicated Glasses Glass - 1. Panda Leaf Shot Glass - 2 oz.

Galaxy Girlie Skull Shot Glass - 2. Prison Mike Shot Glass 2 oz. Breaking Bad Beaker Shot Glass - 2 oz. Sexy teen brunette topless Shot Glass 2 oz.

Leaf Sugar Skull Shot Glass - 2 oz. Leaf High Maintenance Shot Glass - 2 oz. False Dwight Schrute Shot Glass - 2 oz. Molded Peach Shot Glass - 1.

Trashy and Sassy Shot Glass - 2 oz. Birthday Squad Shot Glass - 2 oz. Birthday Queen Shot Glass 2 oz. Floral Nude Squad Shot Glass - 2 oz. Why Use A Shot Shot These mini glasses are the perfect way to achieve a stiff drink for a good price.

Why order a watered down drink at the bar when you can just get a shot and move on with the night?


You can give these glasses as a birthday gift, wedding gift, graduation gift and more. Make it a tradition. The Timms are particularly amused and delighted by the products of H. Fishlove and Co. The Timms girlie self-made Fishlove historians, who have interviewed members of the Fishlove family, and they plan to publish eBooks on both Johnson Smith and Fishlove this summer. These decals were sold by Amus-U, a part of H. Photos courtesy of Tigre McMullan. On the back side of the decal, the idealized woman would be depicted in sexy lingerie or plain naked.

Her state of undress would increase nude you real college girls nude. A slightly naughty version of image showing underpants, cleavage, or booze, is on the reverse. Photo courtesy of Glasses and Mardi Timm. At home, Rosie the Riveters donned dungarees and sensible shoesshot they stepped into traditional male roles, like building fighter planes in factories.

The Timms say these were usually sold on the homefront to encourage patriotism and raise funds. A partial set of victory glasses with no reveal on the inside. When the boys did return home, U.

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Given the ubiquity of outright pornographic images today, their then-racy artwork seems to embody a more innocent, blushingly modest time. The pin-ups on these lates calendar-girl glasses were designed by George Petty. Photos courtesy of McMullan. The ones I enjoy the most actually have the least amount shown in the back.

Vintage Barware Girlie Glasses Novelty Naked Lady Peep Show Peek A Boo Glasses

McMullan, who works as a gaffer on television shows, says Whoopi Goldberg, an outspoken feminist, has purchased many of these glasses from him. While H. Other companies that produced peek-a-boo and mystic decals include Jaco Lac, Meyercord, and Duro Decal. This glass front and reverse is part of a Duro Decal beach set, nude out in the s. Fishlove also sold just the decals, and you could put them on anything. You could put one on a glass or put it on a window, wherever you wanted. McMullan explains how they worked.

The problem with waterslide decals, though, is if you take one of those glasses and stick it in water and let girlie sit, the decal will peel right off.

Some of the earliest girlie glasses ever produced, glasses s. Glasses from a Duro Decal set from shot late s.

Cool, Unique & Funny Shot Glasses - Spencer's

These glasses, such as glasses ones from the Showgirl set below, gave customers an added sense of voyeurism as the back of the decal covered most of the glass except for a keyhole shape, where they ebony lesbians licking wet pussy peer shot a disrobed lady, as if they were watching her change on the other side of a door or perform at an adult peepshow.

It is rare to find an image of a black woman on these glasses, though. These glasses, called Centerfolds by Fishlove, are much less modest and charming, as they feature photos nude real, graphically exposed people. They also say a lot about changing cultural standards for decency and for what was considered titillating, as well as the turning social tides. Now white men and African Girlie women and men were objectified equally, along with white women.

At the time, they sold the most Stan says he assumes there are also collectors who focus on the work of Petty, who also made calendars and advertisements like those for Jantzen swimsuits. But why would a woman collect these things? To me, those are over the top. The ones that were made earlier are more cartoonish.

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Our grandkids thought they were neat. This girlie glass, as well as the one at the top of our article, was designed by famed pin-up artist Alberto Vargas and produced by Fishlove.

They have been in my family probably 60 yrs.


nude shot glasses girlie porn tasty blacks Shot glasses are a must-have addition to any bar area or party. Spencer's knows how important it is to be able to throw one back in style, so we have a wide variety of shot glasses just for you. Besides the fact that you'll look super cool, shot glasses come in handy. You can use shot glasses to drink your whiskey, vodka or tequila straight, or you can use a shot glass to measure the oz. Jiggers are perfect for this!
nude shot glasses girlie brutal femdom gif By Lisa Hix — June 24th, A beer is served in a glass with a pretty woman on the front. As you drink, something catches your eye—inside your glass you can see the bare butt cheeks of the same glamour girl presented fully dressed kasumi hentai the outside. Compared with the explicit images now accessible with the click of a mouse, these tumblers with pin-up decals seem downright quaint. Long before the Internet and cable TV, though, they offered a tantalizing thrill.
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