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A police investigation has so far led to eight arrests for infringement of obscene material laws, and the seizure of more than 1, images. In the coming days I will continue to focus on my work and face up to my life," Chung added, amid cheers. All Rights Reserved E-mail: webmaster china.

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Shanghai Daily February 12, China Archives Year Search This Site. Username Password Anonymous. China Archives. Year About China. MS press waiting outside the venue 3. LS Interior of the venue 4. MS fans and guests 5. MS pull out Mani Fok talking then standing up 9. MS fans holding banner "Support Twins Forever" Storyline Go to top. Categories Go to top. Clip Bin. Share Story. Send a copy to myself. You have successfully shared item s.

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These photos, as some magazines in HK said, waS captured from video! Totally agree…nobody in HK will ever work with him…azzhole. Is there a version where that last pic of Cecilia is uncensored? Thanks for the upload.

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nude pictures of gillian chung rb6 porn Gillian Chung, one of several prominent Hong Kong stars caught up in a nude photo scandal, Monday apologized for the incident that has sparked arrests and a media frenzy. Gillian Chung L apologizes in her first public comments for the incident that has sparked arrests and a media frenzy. Chung, brittany renner porn, previously known for her squeaky-clean image, made her eagerly awaited statement before a mass of reporters and video cameras flanked by Charlene Choi, her singing partner in the female pop duo Twins. The photographs, which appear to show Chung naked in bed with male star Edison Chen, and suggestive images purportedly of around half a dozen other celebrities, including actress Cecilia Cheung, were recently posted online, provoking blanket tabloid coverage in celebrity-mad Hong Kong. Edison Chen, 27, apologized last week in a video statement, and called the postings of the photographs "intentionally hurtful and malicious. The scandal, which involved several local celebrities, has dominated Hong Kong headlines in the past two weeks.
nude pictures of gillian chung erotic story mom passed out drunk Update: Apparently, this is huge news in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan because these people are major stars there. Kill it! I figure some of you know who they are. I have no idea. I just want to say to the ladies letting their partners take pictures of them in a state of undress, please, for the love of god, wax or at the very least trim. Every time I see these sex scandal pictures I always feel like I need a safari hat and machete just to make it through all of them.
nude pictures of gillian chung pokimon henti Gillian Chung talks to press about explicit photographs. Story No. The Emperor Group and the artists, including Gillian Chung will not be making any comments after the press conference. This is to avoid magnifying events and hurting the people who are involved. Gillian Chung will share her feelings about the event later.
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