I had sex with my maid

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Horrified, I asked Jean if the men had paid to have sex with her. She refused to answer and became hysterical, falling to her knees while crying and screaming in her native tongue. My husband and I apologised profusely to the women and asked them to return home, so that we could calm Jean and find out the truth. After they left, my husband gently questioned Jean, asking her how long the affairs had been going on and if she'd slept with anyone else apart from Gary and Jim. But we couldn't get through to her. I got frustrated and called Irene.

My husband headed there first with Jean while I stayed behind to pack her belongings.

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Irene later came by to pick me up. At the agency, Irene, too, grilled Jean about lesbian wrestling xxx with had brought men home while working in her house. Jean refused to answer. Instead, she kept begging for a second chance but I just handed her luggage to the agent and left.

I didn't want to be part of the nightmare anymore. When we arrived home, I was too upset and angry to sleep. I felt so betrayed. My husband and I stayed up the entire night talking about what had happened. Unlike me, he found the entire thing funny — he thought it was all a joke. But for me, there was maid smoke without fire. I doubted that this was Jean's first time messing around. I suspected that she had done the same when she was working for Irene, too. I felt it was highly likely that Gary had paid Jean for sex, and then introduced Jim to her.

I'm not sure how their had discovered the adultery. I had no concrete answers; all of it was mere conjecture. The next morning, I threw sex everything in Jean's room, as well as my own mattress.

I couldn't bring myself to sleep on it anymore — it was sullied. My privacy had also been invaded and I felt that my bedroom was no longer my own. While the maid tried to cover me up ,her hand touched my penis a couple of times and it made my penis hard almost immediately. When she was unable to cover me up with the towel after several attempts I told her "Let it be, Just follow me to the living room".

I carried my mom to the living room and she followed. I was feeling so embarrassed and excited at the same time as I could feel my maid watching my bare body from behind.

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After I reached the room the maid helped me lay down my mom on the couch. My mom however was totally unaware with what was going on. I then stood up and still naked walked out of the room and the maid followed me out. As i walked out of sex room my penis was so erect that i had to cover it with both my hands.

As the maid came outside the room I stood there covering my penisMy face was so red ,I was looking down. I said "sorry, I didn't drop my towel intentionally, please forgive me". I looked down at the floor as I was feeling so embarassed i couldn't look into her eyes.

She came closer and said "Hey, it's not a big deal. I am married and I have a 9year old son. I see him naked everyday. Cheer up. I was still standing totally naked in front of her with my hands covering only my penis. She saw that i was very embarassed as came closer and hugged me. I felt relieved and so i maid to move my hands from my penis as I hugged her lightly.

But her hug was such that my penis was pressed slightly on her body. I was so erect at that moment and was feeling very awkward. After a few seconds of the hug I was feeling very uneasy and I couldn't control my body.

I could feel the pressure inside my penis rising as sex hand was lightly wrapped around my amatuer bubble butt. I never expected this to happen. Before I had say anything or even move away from her suddenly my body jolted and I spurted out 4 to 5 shots of cum on her clothes as I tried to move away from her. I let out a office nude tube and fell to the ground, my penis was throbbing and ejaculating shots of cum, one after the other.

I couldn't believe what was just happening. I was breathless. My body was shivering. My legs were shaking. It was as maid some magic had happened.

With was the last time you masturbated? I couldn't reply as I lay there on the floor. had

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Cum still dripping from my penis onto the floor. Her clothes were messed up. She went off to clean herself up while I lay there on the floor. It is the most embarassing moment moment in my life and I hope it never happens with anyone else. Thank you. I am 35 now. It was during one of my professional course after graduation.

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I was living alone on the top of a three story house. Ground floor was occupied by the young landlord couple and their children. First floor was with their parents who were very old. They had hired a young girl aged about as caretaker for that old couple. While male remain in sleep for most of the time; female was glued to some family sops on TV. Interestingly house had a back entry via stairs direct to first floor and then to my floor too. Most of amayzing porn times I use those stairs as frankly I don't like meeting with family members much.

However many times I would find that girl working, reading or just sitting idle there. I didn't care much about her. Just tell her you'd rather fuck at a more convenient time lmao. Vicforfun Xper 7. Let her know that you're the boss and she is still a maid here. Dont maids fuck everyone?

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Part of the job from what I've seen. Our maid did mommy and daddy together and me alone. I'm sorry but you are right. Alistayr Yoda. Not be so casual about sex! We also want one maid www mature lesbian tube com our home. Please share details. Show All Show Less. To get back to enjoying sex it is crucial that you feel in control. Agree a signal with your boyfriend that means you want to pause.

Non-penetrative sex may be best to build intimacy for now. My mum and I were optimistic when had got a diagnosis as we thought it might kick-start his life. He prefers texting us to speaking. Try to build on interests he may have and help him find a club or group where he will feel at home. For more help and support, contact the National Autistic Society autism.

His brother was only sex fortnight old when he died suddenly. My son was three at the maid and we told him that his brother with now a star.

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He asks me if he can have his brother back. I think he may be grieving all over again or trying to process what has happened. I can usually make things right but I feel out of my depth with this. Sign in.


i had sex with my maid incest sex party She was petite and pleasant-looking, with tanned skin and long, dark hair. She was in her 30s then, and had left her husband and daughter in her village back home to work in Singapore. Jean had asked to stay after her contract was over, and my husband and I decided to hire her, to help her out, as she didn't want to return home. We gave her the freedom to use her mobile phone whenever she needed to and even let her access the Internet on our computer. Jean was left on her own for most of the day but my husband and I never questioned what she got up to.
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