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I knew that would really liven things up since that would really be obvious to the whole place. Let me tell you how hard it is to play pool under these conditions. After the break, Stacy sank the 8-ball! With a fake frown, she stepped back and used her feet and pulled her shoes off. With that, she then unsnapped, unzipped and took off her pants to a big round of applause. She did the web odia xxx sex quick spin-around and then slipped her shoes back on and went back to rack the balls.

The sight was incredible; there she was just standing in her lacy thong panties and her boobs trying to fall out of her lacy bra.

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It was a fantastic shot as she bent over to rack the balls. Anyone that looked in the pool room saw her mostly naked body for the next game.

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This one took longer as I took my time on each shot. At this point, people from the back bar were coming in to see the game. Probably about ten or twelve people were in the pool room. Most of the people were watching from the back bar and there was a pretty constant flow of people peeking around the corner of the back bar. Everyone was behaving and no-one was grabbing or trying to catch feels or that would have ended it, but trans homemade was enjoying the fun.

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Her game was pretty bad at this point, so I finally won the next one. Without missing a beat, Stacy reached around, undid the bra and flung it at me to the roar of the crowd. Let me tell you that it was incredible at this point. Here she was in the middle of a crowded bar, being the center of attention, and standing there gay mature vk just her lace thong panties.

She went over and started racking again, quite a sight with her boobs hanging for everyone to see as she racked. Everyone was smiling and there were even a couple of high-fives. I went and gave her a big hug; I am sure she could feel my hard-on at that point.

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The next game went quick and she lost the final piece. She stood in the middle of the room and to more high-fives as she turned around and took her panties off. There she was now standing naked in the pool room and she stepped up for the final game. She has a nice little patch of hair above her pussy but there was plenty of light to see that she had recently done a very nice job of shaving her lips bare and smooth as can be. I even racked them this time as I was checking her out along with everyone else. She was laughing and still having a great time.

I went over and gave her another big hug and reached down and felt her. She was wet as could be! For this game, it took a lot longer as I tried to make all of her shots more difficult. I left the ball for her so she would have to bend over and reach across the table a lot. I even got a couple where she had to lift a leg up to reach over. I walked around to the doorway so I could see what kind of view the bar people had just as she was taking a shot from that end.

When she went to shoot, she had to bend over and spread her legs and knees to get down at the right angle. From the doorway, when she did this you could see her pussy open wide and you could see all of her moisture. All of the bright light coming from that direction let everyone see everything and the people sitting down were at leaked scandal videos right height for a spread-eagle view.

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I then watched as the game progressed and noticed that most of the others spunk wife the room found out they could get the same view. I thought I was going to explode. Then, I knew she was having fun teasing us when she did a shot with the cue behind her back to reach the cue ball. She put her back towards the table and sat her butt on the side.

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She then leaned back over the table and lifted forfeit leg and gave a spread-eagle to the group standing there after she looked behind her to make or miss, in this case the shot. I had to walk over asian sexy video look. It games unbelievable! Her lips had spread open and you could see all of the moisture in there. As I won, everyone clapped! They were already spread a little and then I helped spread them wider.

I took a look and again with the lighting she was spread wide open with her beautiful shaven pussy on center display. You could easily see her juice as her lips parted for everyone.

I had naked by four balls so I gave her four nice gentle slaps on her butt. With that, she stood up, turned around, gave a quick strip and went girl and got her clothes and got dressed right there. I asked the waitress for our bill and when lose brought it there were only about four drinks on it.

She said everyone else was buying from early on. When we went to leave we walked through the bigger front bar. The place was packed. It was kind of funny thinking that all these people were out there and had no idea what was going on in the room next to them.

The back-room bar sure did!

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We walked back to the hotel to finish off the wild night and go home the next day. It was amazing how what was expected to be just a ho-hum night turned into a wild sexy night. Tags: poolexhibitionismbetgamelostwager. Wife Lovers Jan 24, Some girls are mortified at being nude in front of their friends, their exposure is humiliating for them. Other girls seem to relish being exposed in front of others, they display an exhibitionist streak. But the one thing they all share is that when they lose a strip game on StripGameCentral, they have to get completely naked.

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girl forfeit naked after lose strip games niki naked A while back, we were on vacation. It was the last night of our trip so we went out to have a nice casual dinner, nothing dressy. I had on jeans and a collared shirt and Stacy had on some pants and a regular button-up shirt. We walked from our hotel to a restaurant around the corner and had a nice dinner with a few drinks that always helps. We had started the evening early at around By the time we finished dinner, it was still early, around ish. On the way back, we palcomix bbmbbf a nice local bar just down the street.
girl forfeit naked after lose strip games passionate massage sex One of the things which sets StripGameCentral. All games feature full nudity. The winners keep some occasionally all of their clothes on and the losers sometimes have to perform an embarrassing forfeit in the nude. Players are usually made to perform a slow naked twirl when they lose their last item of clothing. All games are allowed to play out naturally — no scripts, no fixing. Click on any of the photos below to see a larger version.
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