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Wrong and bad! Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Definitely red. She good in acknowledgement of his answer and looked down at her unpainted nails, splaying her fingers. I am living the life right now and I am trying to live the dream as long as possible. So I live this as long as I tumblr. And I probably end up working at skateboarding after.

Collin Provost – tumblr time - SOLO Skateboardmagazine (en)

Nah, not really a team manager. It would be also a lot of hard times. I am one of the shitheads right now. That was awesome. Best dude. He is just a fucking awesome rad dude. He is scary. Like, damn that is fucking Heath. And then you realize he is that really nice cool dude. And he has been everywhere and has done everything, so you can get a lot of information from him. Probably a giraffe cruising around. Tall as fuck, a weirdo. Cruising around with the posse. Andrew Reynolds, Heath and of course Ed [Templeton].

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I grew up in the same town as him and saw him skating all the time in the skatepark. It also was the time back then when everyone lived in Huntington Beach. So I got to see all my heroes in the skateparks. Like ahh those guys are the best I want to be like them.

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You saw their video parts and then in real life. I would never go talk to them, but you were like ahh it is them. So Sick. It was really cool growing up fuck watching those guys skate. Probably just chilling. Make sure the homies are all good. Maybe good a house and have all my friends and family live with me.

Degrade me for being such a horny slut! Posts Likes Ask me things Submit cool stuff Archive. This is me, many times. You may think that all you have to do is cut off her air supply. Free spank In Register Preferences. Tue, Dec 18th am — Mike Masnick. If you liked this post, you may also be interested in Stephen T.

Stone profile18 Dec pm. John Cressman18 Dec pm. That's the problem fuck playing in someone else's backyard Bergman profile18 Dec pm. The problem though, is that most people can't afford their own content silo, so they have to rely on someone else to host it. Even if they have their own silo, they're usually reliant on DNS services. Even with their own DNS, they are subject to the laws of the nation their server is in and often even to laws tumblr nations it's not in, such as the US, EU and Canada.

Even the best intentions often down't survive the real world. All it takes is one argument and a fit of ego, and suddenly one person steals the content of dozens. Shufflepants18 Dec pm. Rekrul tetas desnudas videos, 18 Dec pm. And people are falling all over themselves to embrace it in the name of convenience. PaulT profile19 Dec am. Because it is tumblr. Also, if you think "the cloud" is the problem here, I'd like to present decades of dealing with people who never bothered with backups, backed up but stored their floppies on magnetic surfaces and all sorts of other incidents vs.

The initial point of controlling your own content is valid, but let's not pretend that people losing their work because something messed up is a new thing.

Anonymous Coward19 Dec am. In many cases these are younger people that haven't learned to backup their stuff A harsher lesson than many good us older people learned when we lost our precious floppies filled with 50x50pixel heavily compressed porn images when everyone together loses years and upon years of unbackedup work. But yes, clouds aren't the problem.

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It's trusting the cloud to always do right by you is the problem. If you're applying good IT working practice to either home PC users back in the days of floppies or to users of online services now, you're seriously overestimating the general public.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Backup is important and some people haven't learnt the zero'th law of systems administration. But, that is not the problem. The "cloud" read large IT service providers control access to your data, and know who is accessing it and when, which then can then give to govt, sold, or have its access restrictions changed. If you have someone else to this "hostingish-cloudy-fun" for you, you need to establish a trust relationship with them, or have lots of money to sue them if they do dodgy things or break contract.

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What we have seen again and again is the as large IT service companies start to gather power, their "hosting" behaviour starts to have politics thrown into the pot. Then its about if your "content" matches existing political rhetoric. Hell, in a way we're not even talking a change in company here. The good are essentially the same whether you were using the eventual Yahoo product Geocities in the late 90s or the eventual Yahoo product Tumblr in the the best japanese pornstars s.

The only real core difference is the number of users now. Fuck One Guy profile19 Dec pm. Unfortunately that seems tumblr be a lesson everyone has to learn the hard way. PaulT profile20 Dec am. Rekrul19 Dec pm. Well, I was talking about personal documents and personal posts created on sites like Tumblr. Obviously purchased media is a totally different issue. Anonymous Coward18 Dec pm. This is not unlike the way Patreon recently banned a bunch of people without warning. Companies might want to take note, considering how Patreon is now enduring a growing boycott by former customers, and doubling down in response to the exodus is only going to make things worse.


fuck me good tumblr interracial pussy licking You can help confirm this entry by contributing facts, media, and other evidence of notability and mutation. Would You Fuck A Clone Of Yourself refers to a Buzzfeed article which asked this question to its audience and offered several arguments both for and against such an act. These answers have been photoshopped onto images of fictional characters, riding big cock tumblr to illustrate how each character would respond to the question, describing key characters as seen by their fandom. The first occurrence of the Buzzfeed article being used in a parodic work is a December 14th, post from Tumblr user Good, [2] who photoshopped screenshots of the poll onto It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia characters. The post gained over 15, notes over 2 years examples shown below. On September 10th,Tumblr user ladybenderbr photoshopped lines from both of the polls into screenshots tumblr characters from the animated series Futurama. Some posts based on this snowclonefuck those referencing all of the answers, feature an additional 15th line that isn't present in the original Buzzfeed article:.
fuck me good tumblr asscrobatics By now, of course, you're aware that the Verizon-owned Tumblr which was bought by Yahoo, which was bought by Verizon and merged into "Oath" with AOL and other no longer relevant properties has suddenly decided that nothing sexy is allowed on its servers. This took many by surprise because apparently a huge percentage of Tumblr was used by people to post somewhat racy content. Knowing that a bunch of content was about to disappear, the famed Archive Team sprung into action -- as they've done many times in the past. Amateur bbc tumblr set out to archive as much of the content on Tumblr that was set to be disappeared down the memory hole as possible Jason Scott, the mastermind behind the Archive Team announced over the weekend that Verizon appeared to be blocking their IPs:. This morning, Tumblr mass IP-banned entire swaths of archiveteam volunteers and warrior instances.
fuck me good tumblr star wars the force awakens xxx While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Definitely red. She nodded in acknowledgement of his answer and looked down at her unpainted nails, splaying her fingers.
fuck me good tumblr katy homes anal nude This Collin Provost interview has everything from skateboard politics to hookers and cocain. Still traveling. Being on trips. More than I am at home. Usually I would say at least seven or eight months. Definitely more away than I am at home.
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Shut you out. Again, reiterating it, don't expect your relationship with your children to be major problems later on. And also I thought she would dump her religion in regards to me.

He is not child's play, and the real evil about the importance of helping hard core mormons to be done well or disastrously, or even kissing. This is what makes a man. I knew I wanted that full support though I secretly hoped he would join the church 1 discussed getting married varies depends for men and women.