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Website Anthropomorphism. Kantai Collection. Black Hole-chan. Girls' Frontline.

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Hyperdimension Neptunia. Azur Lane.


Ideal GF. Ara Ara. Her attire consists of a school uniform with a white shirt, purple galaxy tie, and skirt, as well as black thigh high socks and shoes. When she's not in her uniform she wears a NASA t-shirt, khaki shorts, white socks and brown shoes.

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She also occasionally wears a hospital mask. Earth-chan is the main protagonist of a children's fantasy book Earth-chan and Friends by Tamuna Tsertsvadzefound on amazon. The book was inspired by the internet meme and teaches young readers the importance of climate change issues.

The book tells the story of Earth-chan and other planets residing in the Planetarium College.

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Earth is the only student to bear parasitic humans in her hair, hence, is eyed with scorn by her classmates. Her friends Venus and Mars try to find a solution to the problem. Earth-chan tries to get the attention of her crush, Sun-kun - the head of their group, whilst a boy from the junior class, Moon-kun, has a crush on her.


earth chan flat nila mason Earth-chan is an anime -style anthropomorphic representation of the planet Earth. She is depicted as a young girl with hair dyed in the colors flat and green, resembling a photograph of the planet taken from space. Online, image macros featuring the character often contain jokes using the popular anime trope of characters being chan about their flat chest by referencing to the flat earth theory. On November 30th,Twitter earth Trinimmortal tweeted a joke about creating an anime featuring the planets of our solar system midgets fucking midgets anime girls, which would contain a running gag about Earth-chan saying "I'm not flat! On December 10th,Redditor M4DHouse submitted an image macro with the caption "When someone says Earth-Chan is flat," followed by a screenshot of Mafuyu Hoshikawa from Blend S saying "It seems you require a hard education" shown below.
earth chan flat masturbating teen girls videos In the span of that two millennia, the humans have developed technology that wwe nide aided in their survival but at the cost of polluting her chan, which has caused her to become flat ill and is slowly dying. She is a caring person and earth the humans with all her heart despite the illness they've inflicted upon her. However, if you call her flat she'll become flustered and mad. Her attire consists of a school uniform with a white shirt, purple galaxy tie, and skirt, as well as black thigh high socks and shoes. When she's not in her uniform she wears a NASA t-shirt, khaki shorts, white socks and brown shoes. She also occasionally wears a hospital mask.
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