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Has 'bikini bridge' become the new thigh gap? Disturbing new selfie fad circulating on social media

Bridge emerged was the hotdoglegs hashtag, used to indicate that one was in possession of legs toned and tanned enough that, if photographed from the perspective of their reclining owner, they would not look out of place in a bun with mustard. The term bikini a pair of thighs that do not touch from torso to knee and its rise to prominence seems to coincide with the Victoria's Secret show although it could just as easily have been at a high school swimming carnival around the same time.

Another summer, another discovery in the field of Instanatomy. Inthe bikini bridge the suspension of one's bikini bottoms between two protruding hip bones shaved declared "the new thigh gap".

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Thankfully, as soon as the Internet was up in arms about the bikini bridge it emerged the "trend" was actually a hoax started on web forum, and renowned hotbed of shaved discussion, 4Chan. The collective sigh of relief which followed was a bit weird because, well Users of 4chan are keen to promote the fad, one writing: 'This should 3d fuck large enough of a stir to snowball into a fairly big subject.

There bridge even facetious comments posted promoting the 'benefits' of possessing a 'bikini bridge' such as 'fitting an ipod into your bikini bridge' and 'getting a smoother tan line from bikini bikini bridge'. Image sharing: A Tumblr has even been established which allows users to upload their own bikini bridge snaps.

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Buzzfeed has written an article entitled 'the 12 perks of having a bikini bridge' with accompanying images. Buzzfeed has also posted an article entitled '12 perks of having a bikini bridge' with reasons such as 'it is the ultimate beach accessory', 'Harry Styles will be per cent more attracted to you' and 'you and your girls will become the talk of the town'.

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As a result, in just 24 hours, what began as a hoax has snowballed. Thus, bikinibridge and bikinibridge was tweeted more than 2, times, with Harry Styles's endorsement - which has since been deleted - receivingfavourites. Lucy Attley, Dove Spokesperson who works on their self-esteem campaign, says: 'The bikini bridge is yet another example of piling pressure on women to feel increasingly anxious about their bodies.

We want to inspire women everywhere to feel good about the bodies they have, and not experience the constant pressure that drives beauty anxieties, portraying an ideal of beauty that is not real or reflective of women in the UK. Bikini snap fan: Millie Manderson often uploads bikini photos to her Instagram page.

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There is also a Facebook 'fan' page in honour of the bikini bridge with 'fans'. Body image and wellbeing expert Katie Lowe added: 'The bikini bridge is just another example of horrendous thinspiration that encourages young women to develop poor body image and self-esteem. It all started with the thigh gap: Teenage girls hoping to emulate the slender frames of celebrities such as Cara Delevingne L and Louis Tomlinsons's girlfriend Eleanor Calder.

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bikini bridge shaved real world and road rules nude pics By Bianca London for MailOnline. When Cara Delevingne satin xxx out on the catwalk, she became one of the inspirations for the 'thigh gap' trend, which demands legs so thin that they do not touch above the knees. Admirers of this look even created Twitter and Facebook accounts dedicated to the 'thigh gap' with more thanfollowers sharing pictures. But with a new year, comes a new social media trend. Make way for the 'bikini bridge', which Urban Dictionary describes as 'when bikini bottoms are suspended between the two hip bones, causing a space between the bikini and the lower abdomen.
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