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You can tell that Lita was one of her favorite superstars growing up. AJ Lee was voted Diva of the year in the slammys on two occasions.

She was also a former 3 time Divas champion.

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At the time of her retirement she was the longest reigning DIvas champion of all time. It was during this time that this photo blacked raw com was taken. Again she highlights the Abs yet again as well as showcasing her Divas title. As stated earlier she had one of the best "Crazy Girl" gimmicks and her look in this picture is definitely mischievous. Doesn't every woman own a polka dot bikini?

Well AJ Lee shows off hers here. Even with a beautiful background AJ Lee steals all the attention in this picture. Despite a crazy amount of wrist accessories, AJ shines in this outdoor bikini shoot.

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AJ wasn't the usual Diva that took lots of skimpy bikini shoots so this is a rare occasion for AJ Lee fans. You have to admire AJ's insistence on being a role model to youth. During this time in the company AJ Lee was constantly wearing business attire.

31 Hottest AJ Lee Bikini Pictures Will Make You Melt Like An Ice Cube

She showed that business attire could be sexy as well. Her smile lights up the whole room and sometimes it is true that the less you see the more exciting it can be. This was an interesting time in AJ's WWE career but she still showed she can steal the show without having to get physically involved. Just like with the polka dot bikini, doesn't every woman own a little white dress?

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Never one to wear the skimpiest of outfits it suited AJ to be wearing a tight white dress instead. Always animated with her facial expressions this shoot was no different. Here despite being very covered up AJ shows she can be not only classy but hot as well! The only pre-WWE photo to make an appearance on this list.

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You can see AJ Lee was always a natural beauty. Taken during her time in Women Superstars Uncensored, AJ definitely has a few assets prominently displayed here. Arguably showing a lot more than she would during lee time in the WWE I'm sure no fan is mad about that.

AJ Lee doesn't have the muscle tone you would see in her days sexiest the WWE but she is definitely photos as hot without it.

Leave it to the quirky AJ Lee to match a flowing black dress with plaid converse shoes and a lightning bolt pendant. Always known for having a unique fashion sense, the "Geek Goddess" really has that on display here. This definitely shows off more of AJ Lee's modeling ability striking a classic pose. The plaid shoes and lightning bolt pendant brings AJ's sense of style to life in this picture. A nice classy smile is the icing on the cake.

AJ showed countless times she was one of the classiest Divas of her era. She is the Geek Bbw housewife tube for a reason.

She looks like the dream girl for the nerds everywhere!

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Giving the appearance of the classic "girl next door", AJ shows she is hot even just wearing casual lounge around the house clothes. If there was ever another reason splitcock wrestling fans to hate CM Punk, it's that he gets to go home to this view every night. CM Punk is one lucky man to say the least. It all began on March 17,when explicit photos and videos of Paige emerged online.

On the very same day, Paige said private photos belonging to her got stolen and shared without her consent.

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These leaks are part of a large hacking scandal that has resulted in private images and videos of celebrities being stolen and distributed cindy starfall videos. A few days earlier, private images photos actresses Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried sexiest circulating on the dark corners of the internet.

In the midst of the scandal, rumors sexiest that hackers lee targeted other wrestlers and more material was photos. The claim turned out correct as nude photos of Charlotte Flair leaked online two months later. The photos show Flair taking several nude selfies in front of a mirror with her cell phone — which got fitted with a WWE-branded case.

Thanks, I think. The purported photo has circulated on social media since and got labeled a look-a-like by the Twitter account that posted it first. The adult star in the photo, Lilly Evans, confirmed it as her when asked on Twitter. Although Lee would not be labeled a classic sex symbol, she is among the provocative female wrestlers in WWE history. During her time in the company, the two-time Divas Champion often teased fans with her sexuality, such as lee tight jean shorts that accentuated her ass.

Naturally, this had wrestling fans wondering whether the New Jersey native would ever pose nude for Playboy. Never, ever, ever! We have a whole collection of different sexy pics of AJ Lee from her bikini images to cleavage shots, we have them all. These are not topless pictures of AJ Lee, but they are still the next best thing. She signed up with WWE in and spent two years in their developmental branch, Florida Championship Wrestling, before being promoted to the main roster.

She later won the Divas Championship three times and held the title for days. They live in Chicago, Illinois, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She retired from wrestling in Apart from wrestling.


aj lee sexiest photos girls sleeping naked with something in pussy Since then she has captivated viewers with not only her great looks, but her great in ring ability. The end of her time in the WWE was definitely affected by the fact she was in a relationship with public enemy number one CM Punk. She was a great mouthpiece for the wrestlers she managed. Twice she won Diva of the year in and her last year in She also won best kiss with John Cena at The Slammys. AJ grew up idolizing Lita for the way she wouldn't conform to what everyone else was doing.
aj lee sexiest photos guys with iphones After explicit photos and videos depicting Paige in sexual situations surfaced online due to hackersrumors have spread that this scandal involved other women from the wrestling world, including AJ Lee. Click here for details …. She is known for her tight jean shorts and seems to enjoy posing in ways genuine features accentuate her ass. The jean shorts are almost a story in themselves, with this photo gallery stacked full of the best AJ booty shots …. Check out these photos of the former Divas in her finest swimwear ….
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