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Petra Joy is a multi award-winning independent erotic film director. Her films show porn from a female perspective and focus on female pleasure. Petra has an MA in film studies and a background in television production.

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She has been creating art-core porn for 7 years. Her motto is "Feeling it, not faking it!

A Taste Of Joy - Cinema Joy

Petra's films empower, inspire and liberate women and men. Petra has produced, directed and filmedthree feature films so far. Her first film "Sexual Sushi" became a cult classic of sensual, creative porn. It features one liberated young couple and follows them on their sexy adventures. Rather than putting on an act infront of the camera the couple gets lost in each other. There is also a hot and passionate female bi scene which puts mainstream porn fake lesbian scenes to shame. Some abstract scenes defined Petra's art-core approach.

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Porn can be art and art can be porn. Her second film "Female Fantasies" visualizes female fantasies that women from all over the world have sent to Petra. Some fantasies are Petra's own. It was nominated for the Venus and Scarlet award in and won the feminist porn award in for the" best bi scene".

Petra Joy, Strawberry Seductress - Porn Movies for Women

Petra's latest release "Feeling it! From "Wings of Desire", a scene where an angel of pleasure satisfies a woman on a rooftop to "Hardback", a scene where a beautiful but stern dom has her way with a hunky slave - This film offers a delicious mixture of vanilla and spice.

Region encoding: Not specified. Age classification: Not specified. A Taste Of Joy shows eroticism from a female point of view: the pleasure is real, the cassie cage xxx the object of desire and the satisfaction of the woman at the center.

Three brand-new and three classic scenes from Petra's award-winning films show why this unique porn is a cult figure: innovative, creative and exciting. An explicit documentary also looks behind the scenes filming at Petra, allowing a fascinating insight into the female revolution of the porn industry.

We hope that this film makes you feel like!


The film of the book Die Pornografin. This site requires JavaScript to function. Tila tequila blowjob enable it in your browser or use a browser that supports it. Petra Joy's latest erotic film focuses on female pleasure and celebrates authentic lust with fresh performers.

Read More. Studio: Petra Joy. Sign In or Create Account to rate. Sign In or Create Account to save favorites. You have reached the favorite limit. You will need to delete some to save favorites. This film was created by a woman for women and men who believe that their biggest sex organ is not between their legs, but between their ears.

A Taste of Joy - Doppel DVD (Petra Joy - Strawberry Seductress)

Sexual Sushi feeds the mind with fresh, juicy and delicious images of intimate passion that porn junk food fails to provide. This film gives you a glimpse of intimacy, desire and ecstacy many people only dream about.

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Or you can buy all of Petra's films at her official site. You might want to also check out the Her Porn seriescurated by Petra. If you're sick of disconnected, fake-looking porn sex, try Bright Desire!

It features real-life couples having intense, passionate, genuinely pleasurable sex. There's kissing, laughter, sensuality and some amazing orgasms.


a taste of joy petra joy cute guy nude pics List of all manufacturers. The focus of my erotic films is female pleasure. I would like to empower the women who appear and who view my films to experience their own personal pleasures away from the stereotypes of female sexuality in mainstream porn. Most porn is done by men for men, expressing male desires. No wonder these films do not turn women on. I feel the need to create an alternative to the flood of images that reduce women to their genitals. Voucher Code 3 this.
a taste of joy petra joy animated winx ckuby porn Petra Joy's latest erotic film focuses on female pleasure and celebrates authentic. S he Comes is the latest. This documentary takes a. This compilation celebrates the best porn made by women for women: from sensational. Petra Joy brings you 17 erotic shorts that celebrate the best erotica made by women. From sensual porn classics made in America to artistic "porn noir" fetish films. Petra Joy's second erotic film.
a taste of joy petra joy lindsay felton porn Petra Joy: Strawberry Seductress UK-based photographer and film maked Petra Joy has independently produced her own adult films for women. With a motto of "feeling it, not faking it", Petra has created movies featuring real-life couples enacting fantasy scenarios. Her films are aimed heterosexual women. Her aesethtic is a more sensual one; she is interested in suggestion rather than blatant, gynecological closeups. Petra originally worked at a German TV network where she produced short erotic pieces for the series Love sally d angelo Sins. Her photography has won numerous awards, including a gong at the British Erotic Awards in