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Baby Shower Favors

The Perfect Baby Shower Gifts

The day of the baby shower is just around the corner, and you're still wracking your brain, hoping to figure out the right kind of gift to buy for the expecting mother. With so many options out there, where should you start? Gift registries, gift idea magazines, even articles such as this have so many ideas to throw at you, that it's quite easy to get overwhelmed. Well, you should try and start simply.

First, consider the big ticket items that are very popular as baby shower gifts. Cribs, bassinets, Moses baskets, and other furniture items are popular choices for gifts for a baby shower. Of course, these items are somewhat expensive, so in many cases it is the close family member or friends of the mother to be that purchase them. Or, party guests may get together and purchase a playpen, car seat, recliner or other high-priced baby shower gift as a group present.

More economical choices for baby shower gifts are popular for obvious reasons. It's always nice to be able to give the mommy-to-be your very own present, one that is just from you, will be enjoyed, but won't necessarily send you over budget. These types of gifts for a baby shower include such essentials as diaper bags, travel packs for the car, baby wipe warmers, diaper pails, crib bedding sets, baby monitors, bottle warmers, slings and baby carriers.

Finally, there is quite a list of low-end baby shower gifts that don't cost a lot, but definitely provide the recipient with function and appeal. Packages of diapers, diaper organizers and changing table organizers, books on parenting and babies, baby toiletries like nail clippers and brushes and combs, bibs, bottles and pacifiers, other eating utensils like plates and bowls, and toys and soft, plush animals.

Of course, you don't necessarily have to purchase pre-manufactured and pre-packaged baby shower gifts. If you really know the interests and preferences of the expecting mother, consider putting together a care package for her, her baby or even both of them. If she is planning on breastfeeding, skip the purchase of bottles, and instead assemble a care package that contains supplies and essentials for breastfeeding. The same approach could be used for a woman who is planning on using cloth diapers for her baby. Your choice of baby shower gifts for her might be a package of cloth diapers and covers.

Remember, no matter what you choose to purchase for your choice of a baby shower gift , be sure to remove price tags and include a gift receipt before the day of the shower.

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